Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Candi’s SUPER WRINKLED soles out of her STINKY New Balance gymshoes up close and personal! Clip 5

Candi's SUPER WRINKLED soles out of her STINKY New Balance gymshoes up close and personal! Clip 5

Gorgeous sole queen Candi is back to show her awesome size 9 feet and talk about them in this really hot interview video. I arrive at Candi’s salon where we are going to shoot and she greets me looking all natural and she had on a pair of jeans and a cute top and a pair of 3 year old New Balance that she said really stink! Plus she was running around downtown Chicago all morning and she said her feet were really sweaty. We start the video and she takes off her gym shoes and the smell that hit my nose was heavenly! I have to rate her foot aroma an 11 on a 1 to 10 scale! My smell o meter went off the scale Lol The purpose of this video was to expose and highlight Candi’s awesome deep sole wrinkles and to have her talk about and answer questions about her and her feet while she shows them off. This was a next level interview where you will get to know a lot more about the mysterious and sexy Candi. She was so laid back and relaxed and she was really enjoying shooting the video and answering questions. Candi even gave me one of her shoes to sniff while she sniffed the other and rated how she thought it smelled! I think she may be willing to part with her stinky New Balance so if you are interested in purchasing them just let me know. You will notice that the longer the interview goes on the shinier Candi’s soles get…thats because they are sweating. Her soles sweat even in an air conditioned room!!!! Candi got really personal about how she feels about her feet and how she gets really into her own feet and likes to look at them and rub them together and just watch them as she wiggles her toes! I can’t tell you much more about this video exept it is super hot and total JOM! She even mentions a very lucky footman out there who is a big fan of hers. Candi is available to do your custom video requests. If you want a video done by one of the sexiest and hottest sole queens on the net simply send your request to me at This is a great video from start to finish and I hope you enjoy and keep it soleful!

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